About us at Tantra Toys and Privacy Policy

Tantra toys is brought to you as a collaboration of articles and toy suggestions from a few people that have been in the adult toy business for many years. We intend to continually add and update information here, and invite you add your thoughts via comments or sending in information you’d like to share.

We earn a commission on some of the toys featured on this site. We may also earn or have some kind of financial relationship with other sites, services, or products that are linked to or otherwise featured on this web site.


We do not collect much information at this web site. The standard stuff that most web servers auto-collect, like your browser, referring url, ip address, etc. The third parties that we link to will have their own privacy policy, as will any advertisers that place ads here. Please check with them if you want to know what their policy is.

If you choose to leave a comment or register to blog with us, then we do ask for additional information such as your email address. That info is stored on our server in a database. People inside our company have access to it, but will probably never pay any attention to it, unless you try to spam comment. We may reply to comments, but you do not have to provide a personal email addy either.

We do not rent or sell visitor information. If you place a comment, some of the information may be visible to the public, including the name you filled out and a web site url – that’s on you to use a real name or alias.

If you are really concerned about your online privacy, we suggest you peruse the privacy.org and the EFF web sites.